Who we are

Sogni is a production company located in Corsica. Created in 2017 in the heart of Bastia’s citadel, it stands out through its ability to efficiently handle complex dossiers while covering a large range of activities in the field of films services. Created by three professionals who share the same work philosophy, their vast experience allows them to manage each project that they take on with exemplary rigor. And their perfect understanding of the region and its specific challenges positions this company as an essential figure in facilitating film shoots on the island. It is for this reason that many of the most renowned international productions, known for their high standards and intransigence, have made Sogni their one-and-only partner in Corsica.
Backed with its success, Sogni started to produce its own films in 2021, specifically with the film L’Altra Strada.

Our values:

Commitment and determination: thanks to the network we have set up with our various Corsican partners, we work tirelessly to strengthen the local economy while always serving our clients’ demands in order to offer them a warm, kindly and professional welcome. In addition, we do our utmost to find the different sceneries you need, always with your productions’ best interests in mind.
Excellence: we manage each project with rigor and skill by providing you with our network and our astute knowledge of the terrain in order to honor our commitments within a climate of trust. All our employees adhere to our ethic.
Respect: we like to highlight and promote all of our employees’ skills. Our priority is to establish a working environment that respects the freedoms and practices of each person while promoting team spirit. Our motto: “When you love your job you do it well!”
Environmental awareness: we are at the forefront of implementing low-impact ecological processes. Thanks to the fact that it has remained relatively well protected, Corsica is still a region that is particularly beautiful and wild. We not only plan on extending these protection-based initiatives, but are also developing our own local charter for the environment in the field of executive production. Thanks to our astute knowledge of the terrain and local environmental stakeholders, we are able to bring together the interests of each party while strictly respecting the environment. The goal of which is to make it possible for teams to access sensitive zones while still respecting the existing ecosystems as well as for productions to participate in the defense of the environment and its promotion.